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Network Administration and Support

Keeping your network systems running smoothly.

What We Do

Network operation tasks include monitoring of activities on the network, as well as proactively identifying and solving the issues, making sure the network functions well.

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On-Premise or Hosted Exchange Mail Services

Your business deserves an email service that is  effective.

What We Do

It is necessary to choose the right Email service which has a good reputation, uses whitelisted servers, gets easily connected to any email application so that your emails are directly delivered to the inbox of users

server maintenance

Server Installation and Maintenance

This key part of your network will fit your business requirements.

What We Do

The key to a successful network will fit your requirements and allow your business to grow - MB Systems will chose the best option for you.

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Multi-Office Environment Implementation

A place to create an ideal working environment.

What We Do

The level of productivity will be very high when you work in an office environment. It is because of the kind of motivation you get by seeing other members of your team put in so much effort.

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Office 365 Migration and Support

An extremely popular line of membership services.

What We Do

Make your life easier. Managing Microsoft 365 can be difficult but not if You have MB Systems Expertise and Priority Support On Demand 24 hours.

computer repair

Computer Repair and Managed Services

We will help your networks to run fast and always have an uptime.

What We Do

Let MB Systems take over. We can oversee your systems and stop problems causing downtime. We keep your IT updated, secure and running smoothly


Wi-Fi Connectivity Performance Analysis

Improvement of the performance of any wireless network.

What We Do

The path of propagation being wireless, the performance of the network is affected consequently by the topology and the environmental conditions of the area where the network is deployed.


Virus and Malware Removal Services

Don't let dangerous programs access your information.

What We Do

 We’ve found this combination of experience and intuition is your best first line of defense against malware. 

An IT Provider that will keep you one step ahead.

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