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Network Administration & Support

MB Systems specializes in on-site network administration and support throughout South Florida. We support all types of networks and topologies with the maximum quality and efficiency. Our Network technicians are well versed on most all operatiang systems and environments.

Prompt On-Site Service for your network.

Technology planning to help your IT investment.

Support plans that offer regular scheduled support.

A consistent approach to technology management.

What We Provide

Your On-site Network Specialists

What we can do for you?

network admin


Keeping your computer and network systems running smoothly and securely.

server maintenance


With MB Systems, we will proactively monitor your server making sure it always performs to its best.



Don't let dangerous programs access your information and/or take control over your system.

We Are The Solution For All Your Network Related Problems

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Planning & Process

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  • Device Configuration & Management: This ensures that all changes that are made within your networks are carried out using a controlled and managed approach.
  • Wireless Access: This delivers network connectivity via wireless access points. It eliminates the need for cabled connectivity.
  • IP Addressing: Every device in a computer network that uses IP for communication will require a unique identifier, known as an IP address.
  • DNS Record Management: DNS records or Zone files are used for mapping URLs, such as, to an IP address
  • Redundancy & Failover: In the event of a major systems failure, an effective redundancy and failover setup drastically reduces the time it will take to get your IT systems functioning again.
  • Technical best practices including server administration, cabling and infrastructure, best practices, compliance guidelines.

We're Proud To Partner With The Best Businesses In The Industry.

An IT Provider that will keep you one step ahead.

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